Favorite Art Supplies for Messy Mixed Media Artists Who Hate Mess!

Favorite Watercolors-

*If the brand is not mentioned, that means most artist grade brands offer this color. If the brand is mentioned it is either a unique color/unique version of a common color/best formula I've tried.

Daniel Smith Gouache (I'm already cheating, but this one is more powerful in its gouache formula. You can use watercolors if you prefer) Buff Titanium

Schmincke Naples Yellow

Nickle Azo Yellow

Qor Quinacridone Gold

Lukas Naples Yellow Reddish

Da Vinci Opus

Holbein Bright Rose

Winsor & Newton Cobalt Violet

Da Vinci Artemis


Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Teal

Daniel Smith Olive Green

Daniel Smith Cascade Green

Favorite Gouache-

Daniel Smith Buff Titanium

Winsor & Newton Naples Yellow

Winsor & Newton Naples Yellow Deep

Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Medium

Holbein Pale Coral

Holbein Vermillion

Holbein Opera

W&N Opera Rose

Holbein Opera

W&N Brilliant violet

W&N Brilliant purple

Daniel Smith Wisteria

Daniel Smith Lavender

W&N Ultramarine

W&N Cobalt Turquoise Light

Holbein Cyprus Green

Holbein Pale Patina

Daniel Smith Cascade Green

W&N Olive Green

W&N Gold Ochre

Travel Palette Setup

I recently curated this travel palette, it's perfect if you need a compact solution for your watercolor and gouache paints!

In the palette (top to bottom, left to right)-

white Titanium gouache

Daniel Smith Buff Titanium gouache

Schimncke Naples yellow

W&N Pale Rose Blush

Daniel Smith Grey Titanium

Daniel Smith Nickel Azo Yellow

Qor Quinacridone Gold

Lukas Naples yellow red

Daniel Smith Lunar Earth

Holbein Cadmium Red Light (I think)

Da Vinci Opus

Holbein Bright Rose

W&M Cobalt Violet

Ultramarine Blue

Unknown blue

Daniel Smith Cobalt Teal Blue

Daniel Smith Cascade Green

Daniel Smith Rose of Ultramarine

Daniel Smith Moonglow

Daniel Smith Olive Green

Daniel Smith Zoisite

Daniel Smith Lunar Black

All paints from here are Gouache-

Holbein Lemon

Holbein Japonica Yellow

Daniel Smith Wisteria

Holbein Rose

W&N opera pink

Shinhan Pass Pink

Shinhan Pass Bright Red

Holbein Vermillion

Daniel Smith Lavender

Royal Talens Cobalt Blue Ultramarine

Holbein Pale Patina

W&N Cobalt Turquoise Light

Holbein moss Green

Royal Talens Warm Grey

Favorite Pastels-

Caran D'ache Neocolor I (water resistant) and Neocolor II

Favorite Pencils-


Derwent Drawing


Favorite Acrylic Paint-

Flashe Paint for the formula

Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic and Holbein Acryla Gouache for the colors

Amsterdam for the price, availability in Austria and colors

Favorite Sketchbooks-

Royal Talens Art Creation for everyday (not for watercolors)


Stillman & Birn Alpha Series

Favorite Paper-

Hahnemuehle heavy weight watercolor papers

Hahnemuehle Bamboo MIXED MEDIA

Fabriano Artistico

Prefer to watch videos about art supplies? Here you go!

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